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If you made it possible for your clients to consolidate all important information on their assets in one smart application – and stay in constant touch with a personal advisor – you would be giving them something invaluable: a peace of mind.

Our solution lets you do just that.

Discover the powerful tool
of digital advice

It lets advisors examine client's investment profile, in line with rules and regulations, evaluate suitability of particular products as well as analyze a client’s financial situation and assets. The end result is a selection of fully customized investment strategy and product portfolio.


Secondly, it comes with self-service tools allowing the client to track long-term cash flows and portfolio value, set the most important financial goals and gain access to market information, quotations, and analyses.

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Reach new client segments
with robo-advisory

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What makes Comarch Wealth Management unique is its combination of smart algorithms powered by AI and big data, which are responsible for personalized investment advice. Another strength is a disruptive interface that comes in many forms – from virtual reality up to voice-controlled chat bot. Not only does the solution provide robo-advisory functionality, but also complements the offering with investment-related instant messaging and client behavioral analysis based on data retrieved from social media.

We want to invest in the right technology, not to replace the relationship but to enhance it, to empower our advisors. So we want to free up a lot of time so we can focus on what really matters the client.

Adel Ayari, Head of Global Investment Strategy and Product Development, CEE Private Banking, Bank Austria – Member of UniCredit

Comarch Wealth Management
for advisor

  • Streamlined advisory process for client centric & transparent advisory

  • Easy access to crucial data with 360 view of client information pulled from multiple banking systems

  • Flawlessly designed work environment

  • Data sharing with clients

  • Mobility with tablet for completing advisors’ tasks as well as presenting to the client

  • Managerial dashboards  for monitoring sales and targets on individual and team/company levels

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multichannel client front-end

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  • Single sign-on for all views

  • Multichannel and mobile first approach

  • Rich visuals with data presented in appealing, easy to understand charts and graphs

  • Guidance and connection through multiple channels taking the relationship with the bank and personal advisor to the next level

  • Curated market information helping clients to understand the market and make decisions


  • Opportunity to reach new customer segments with self-service

  • Full automation of advisory process

  • Highly usable access modes like voice control suitable for specific settings like the car

  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality delivered through the mobile channel

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SKAGEN Fondene

The independent leading Norwegian fund management company manages 10 mutual funds with over 12 billion EUR assets under management. The Client Communication Portal serves 160.000 direct clients. Performance, attribution and risk applications cover calculations for reporting and internal analytical needs of SKAGEN’s analysts. Comarch also delivers data center hosting services as well as data warehouse and business intelligence tools.

ING Securities

The platform optimizes front and back-office processes providing high performance in processing orders. It is also equipped with a multicurrency and multimarket transaction module. The solution provides comprehensive and secure customer data, account and settlement management. It facilitates brokerage operational risk management and reporting to regulators as well as full and transparent reporting of investment performance to brokerage clients.


Wealth Management platform for investment advisory was deployed in six countries over 15 months delivering a single, intuitive system for building financial plans, risk profiles, portfolios and standardizing each step. It provides one view for financial advisers into their clients’ financial data, automating manual, tedious work. The aggregated, clearly-presented data from across the business allows the bank to offer an outstanding experience and personalized investment ideas.


A river of possibilities

How to avoid risks and find best winning strategies? With efficient and comprehensive tools that are precise, powerful and up-to-date with legal regulations. Comarch Capital Market solutions - software that you can rely on.


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